We convert rental properties into lucrative, highly sought after Sober Living Environments

Hello, my name is Darrell Mccollough, CEO of startasoberliving.com a little background on our company we began with a single purpose: create a win-win situation by helping real estate investors make ten times more money while helping those homeless and suffering from addiction get the help they desperately deserve!

Startasoberliving.com is the first company to disrupt America’s traditional single-income stream by leveraging sober living homes!

Our company is based on a simple mathematical fact! Two is better than one and In regards to rental properties 10-15 streams of income on a single-family unit is better than one stream of income.

How do I know? The first sober living environment or transitional living I ever started up was my own back in 2020; when people were shutting the doors to their Businesses due to Covid, I was opening mine. In August 2020, I converted a 7-bedroom home in California into a sober living. After getting certified I was approved for 22 beds. Twenty of those beds were residential beds and two were staff beds. Then I went out and got a contract for $1700 per bed, which amounted to $34,000 per month X 12 = 408,000 per year X 5 years = over 2 million dollars!

The money is great but what sealed the deal for me was the fact that my staff and I could be able to make a significant impact in our community by helping those who were homeless and suffered from addiction! Me and my team quickly scaled to 60 beds! And they are making well over 60,000 per month!